Clean energy islands: paving the way to Europe’s decarbonisation

  • Dinner debate in Brussels

Chaired by MEP Inese Vaidere, Director of the European Energy Forum



Hermann Kröger, Senior Vice-President MAN Energy Solutions

Eero Ailio, Advisor Internal Energy Market DG Energy - European Commission 

After Europe set ambitious climate & energy targets for 2030, it must focus on reaching them and defining the right policy measures to this aim.

The European Commission’s “Clean Energy for EU Islands” initiative puts a spotlight on a specific challenge: how to improve the energy supply of areas not connected to the European grids? How can these (not only geographical) islands switch to a cleaner and more affordable energy using all available technologies, without endangering a reliable supply of energy?

Certain islands already demonstrate that an integrated clean energy system is possible, using solutions from cogeneration and renewable gases to hybrid & virtual power plants with a highly sophisticated digital management system. Such examples can serve as a model for other communities and eventually be scaled up to the entire continent.

The event showed what is already available, which trends will shape the future and explained how to make sure that Europe’s legislative framework makes this energy transition happen, while keeping the lights on.


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