Oil & gas in Europe today… and tomorrow?

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg

Chaired by Jerzy Buzek - MEP & President of the EEF 

François-Régis Mouton - Director EU Affairs, IOGP

Rob James - Regional Director EMEA, Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL)

Rémi Mayet - DG Energy, Deputy Head of Unit "Security of Supply" European Commission

As the energy sector undergoes major transformations, questions arise around the role of oil & gas in a low-emission future, and their place in the EU energy mix. Making up for more than half of European energy demand today, how will the share of oil & gas evolve in the future, as the EU strives to remain a global leader in the fight against climate change?

Looking at the implications of the Paris Agreement and EU climate & energy objectives for the sector, speakers from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) will discuss whether climate constraints can be turned from challenges to opportunities and, reflecting on the way we are using oil & gas today, hint at the way they would be used in a low-emission Europe.  

The discussion will also touch upon remaining indigenous oil & gas resources in Europe and what this means in terms of securing energy supply for consumers, as well as at annual government revenues from oil & gas taxation.