Langen Werner

Active Member

  • Political Group : EPP
  • Country : Germany


  • ECON Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs


  • ITRE Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

Curriculum vitae 

Degree in economics (1975). Dr. rer. pol. (1977). Project leader at the Institute for Research into Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Bonn (1975-1978). Lieutenant in the reserve.

Chairman of Cochem-Zell district CDU (1981-1992). Land Chairman of the Rhineland-Palatinate CDU (1992-1993).

Local councillor in Müden (Mosel) (1979-1994). Member of the Cochem-Zell district council (1979-1994). Member of the Rhineland-Palatinate Landtag (1983-1994). Spokesman of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Mainz (1978-1983). Member of the Rhineland-Palatinate Land government (1990-1991). Minister of Agriculture, Rhineland-Palatinate (1990-1991). Chairman of the agriculture committee of the Bundestag (1990-1991).

Member of the European Parliament (since 1994).

Federal Cross of Merit with ribbon.