‘Gas Week’ 2012 at the European Parliament, Brussels

23-27 April 2012
European Parliament - 3rd floor Balcony, Altiero Spinelli Building ASP - 03G) 

The aim of this exhibition is to highlight the role of gas in our future energy mix while showing its versatility and importance in achieving a low-carbon economy.

 Events on Tuesday 24 April

- Gas Week Inauguration Cocktail (18h30-20h30) – hosted by Prof. Panayotov MEP and speeches by Director General DG Energy, Phillip Lowe, Gaston Franco MEP (EPP, FR), along with the incoming International Gas Union (IGU) President Jérôme Ferrier. After which join us for a tour of the exhibition on the 3rd floor Balcony ASP. Sandwich lunch (12h30-14h00) - Open sandwich lunch for visitors to the exhibition.

Events on Wednesday 25 April

-European Parliament Hearing (12h00-14h00) hosted by ITRE Chairwoman Amalia Sartori MEP (EPP, IT) on ‘Gas and Renewables: Combining forces to help achieve Energy Roadmap 2050’, with presentations by industry, experts, NGO’s and closing remarks by Niki Tzavela MEP (EFD, EL)- EP Rapporteur on Energy Roadmap 2050, this discussion will be moderated (tbc) by Paul Rübig MEP (EPP, AT). A sandwich lunch will be served from 11h30 onwards outside JAN 6Q1.

-Cocktail Reception (18h30-20h00) with Prof. Panayotov MEP and a presentation from Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) President Jean-Claude Depail, 3rd floor Balcony, Altiero Spinelli Building (ASP – 03G).

For more information please visit the website www.gasnaturally.eu