Annual Conference of Eurogas

Achieving decarbonisation and affordable energy transition by deploying renewable energy sources is an important solution to reaching the EU’s ambitious 2030 targets. Natural gas can make a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and complementing the expansion of renewable energies. Gas can also be renewable. It can contribute to deliver clean energy for all Europeans by 2030 and beyond.

This year’s Eurogas Annual Conference will address the role of renewable gas in balancing the energy system to be low-carbon, efficient, renewable, as well as flexible and competitive. This flagship event will gather industry experts, opinion leaders, and policy makers to share views and debate political and legislative issues facing the gas sector in the European Union.

This half-day conference is divided into two panels:

  • Panel 1: What is renewable gas? Why renewable gas?
  • Panel 2: The economics of renewable gas


More information: conference website

Eurogas is a non-profit organisation. The main objectives of Eurogas are to strengthen the role of gas in the European energy mix, to promote the smooth functioning of the European internal gas market and to provide structured support to Eurogas members on EU policy issues relevant to gas interests.