Cogen Europe Annual Conference and 20th anniversary, Brussels

COGEN Europe will hold its annual conference from 18 to 19 April. The two-day event will take place in Brussels and will be a special occasion to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the association.

The Conference will cover topics such as the contribution of cogeneration to achieve energy efficiency targets by 2050, the challenges of the financial and economic crisis or the latest policy developments, existing market potentials and best practice examples.

For further information about this event, please visit the conference site.

COGEN Europe is and Associate Member of the European Energy Forum who works for the promotion of cogeneration, which allows the production of electricity and heat from a single fuel source.

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity. 11% of Europe’s electricity and heat requirements today are produced using this proven energy efficiency principle. The estimated growth potential is for a further 120 GWe of cogeneration.