Conference "How to Turn the Global Smart Grid Challenges into Successes", Brussels

EDSO for Smart Grids, together with the Global Smart Grid Federation, is organising a two-day conference to present an overview about the best practices, main challenges, last improvements and future steps on the development of smarter grids.

The development of smarter grids is one of the objectives of the European Commission to pave the way for a more sustainable and competitive energy future. Technological improvements in grids may help to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy.

Bearing these goals in mind, the programme of this event includes speakers representing energy and ICT companies, system operators, manufacturers, research communities and policy decision-makers. The conference will consist of four sessions that will revolve around the following topics:

  • Integration of renewable energy resources
  • ICT control and data security
  • Smart metering and active demand management
  • Business objectives and market organisation

For further information, please check de conference website.


EDSO for Smart Grids is representing leading Distribution System Operators cooperating to bring Smart Grids from vision to reality.