Conference "Powering Innovation - Empowering Utilities!", Brussels

On 14 May EURELECTRIC will convey the results of an innovation action plan to a high level conference in Brussels with the participation of EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, while putting forward recommendations to European policy makers.

Europe's power sector is subject to complex change, fascinating innovation opportunities, and constraints, ranging from low carbon transition, RES development, market design, new technologies, new independent power producers, new investors from individuals to local communities. All of these events combined will translate into large scale change.

What is the European power sector going to look like in 2030? Which technologies will drive this change: what about disruptive PV, storage, 'new downstream', virtual powerplants, and e-mobility? How much power will we consume by then? Who are the stakeholders around? How should policymakers and the private sector interact to make the transition a success, to develop Europe's innovation Union especially for the power sector, crucial for the economy at large?  How to leverage the necessary funds, to share the risks, and to avoid stranded investments?

EURELECTRIC with its members and in cooperation with Mc Kinsey and other external experts has been working for more than one year on an innovation action plan. Their work has put Europe also in comparative international perspective and will be presented in the 2nd half of 2013 in Japan and the US.

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EURELECTRIC is the sector association representing the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level, plus its affiliates and associates on several other continents.