Conference "Supergrid 2012 : One Europe, One Grid", Brussels

Supergrid will be the electricity transmission backbone of Europe’s decarbonised power sector, essential to meeting EU energy policy goals by 2050. This pan-European transmission network will facilitate the integration of large-scale renewable energy and the balancing and transportation of electricity. Supergrid is not only a business opportunity for industry but one of the best ways to empower consumers in a more price transparent and intelligent energy system. Innovative and clean technologies are being developed today that deserve leadership in our present and future societies.


The conference, organised by Friends of the Supergrid, will present an integrated set of proposals to deliver Supergrid, and will tackle a number of key issues, including:


• Why does Europe need a Supergrid?
• How will the Supergrid be owned and what regulatory framework is required to enable large-scale interconnection in Europe?
• Who will pay for the Supergrid?
• What is currently technically do-able and what is the roadmap towards 2050?
• What are the logistical challenges and the employment opportunities for this integrated network?



FOSG invites you to join the first forum for an open and focused debate on the business case for a European Supergrid towards EU integration. For registration, please visit FOSG website.



Friends of the Supergrid consists of a group of global companies 
which have a mutual interest in promoting and influencing 
the policy and regulatory framework required to enable a European 
Supergrid, defined as “a pan-European transmission network 
facilitating the integration of large-scale renewable energy and the 
balancing and transportation of electricity, with the aim of improving 
the European market”.