Discussing cleaner air during the Green Week 2013

Taking place the year in which the Commission's current air policy is reviewed, the Green Week 2013 on Cleaner Air will be an opportunity for debate and exchange of best practices on the improvement of air quality. The 12th edition of the Green Week organised by DG Environment from 4 to 7 June will be held at the new Egg Conference Center.

The 4 day exhaustive programme will cover the different approaches and dimensions of the issue during the different sessions and workshops. One of the sessions of the conference will be focused on the inter-connexions and possible synergies between industry, climate change and air pollution. But many other issues will be tackeld, including EU policies and programmes on air quality; scientific input, findings and innovation to measure and improve air quality; environmental, agricultural and health effects of air quality; regional and urban perspectives to tackle air pollution; links among climate change, sustainability and air quality; or future perspectives on the issue.

The conference will count with the presence of members of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the United Nations, national and regional governments, European and international agencies and organisations, NGOs and universities. Satu Hassi, Active Member of the EEF, as well as a representative from our Associate Members EUROGAS, EURELECTRIC and EPPSA will make a speech during one of the sessions. Representatives of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission that we EEF visited in October last year, will also take an active part in the event.

An exhibition area within the conference venue and other awareness-raising events organised throughout Europe are also foreseen.

Green Week is open to the public and participation is free of charge. Further information can be found in the conference site.