Gas Innovation: Gateway to a Sustainable Future

Gas innovation will be the topic of the annual conference organised by EEF member Eurogas this autumn. On 27 October, different panels will look into the role of gas to decarbonise the energy sector and produce efficient, renewable, flexible, customer-orientated and competitive energy. Innovative projects along the entire gas value chain, including production, appliances and customer power will be presented at this conference, which has been divided into three panels:

  • Panel 1 – The role of gas in a holistic energy system
  • Panel 2 – The technological evolution in the industry
  • Panel 3 – Meeting customer needs in the paradigm shift


The Eurogas Annual Conference has developed a reputation of being a key event for industry experts, opinion leaders, and policy makers to come together to share views and debate political and legislative issues facing the gas sector in the European Union.

The last decade has witnessed considerable advances in technology throughout the gas value chain, from seismic imaging to new appliances in heating, as well as hybrid systems with gas in transport, to name a few. A decade ago, many of these technologies would have been inconceivable. Today they are the “new normal”. Technology and innovation in the gas industry becomes even more important in the paradigm shift towards the development of a low-carbon energy world.

If you are interested in the future of energy in Europe, do not hesitate to join this interesting and engaging debate.

For further information, please visit the conference website.

Eurogas is a non-profit organisation. The main objectives of Eurogas are to strengthen the role of gas in the European energy mix, to promote the smooth functioning of the European internal gas market, to provide structured support to Eurogas members on EU policy issues relevant to gas interests.