Gas Week 2013

The debate on post 2020 energy targets and discussions on climate and industrial challenges are recurrent topics in the current EU energy agenda. The Gas Week of 23-25 April will promote the debate on the potential of this energy source and its importance within the EU energy policy.


Gas is currently one of the most important energy sources. The multiple forms in which it can be exploited, transported and consumed represent an interesting contribution to the future energy mix and which is currently under discussion.

High level speakers from the natural gas sector, technology providers, energy using industries and representatives of civil society and EU institutions will express their views during the debates, the public hearing and the interactive exhibition scheduled in these 3 days. Their contributions will help to draw an overview on the current situation of gas and its importance in the EU agenda. Most of the events will take place in the European Parliament.

Four EEF Associate Members (EUROGAS, GERG, GiE and OGP) are partners in this initiative that gathers together 7 gas industry organisations.

For further information on the programme and the registration procedures, please visit the Gas Week website.