HEARING - Prospects for shale gas in the EU (ITRE)

5th October 2011, from 15h00 to 17h30
European Parliament, Room JAN 4Q2

15h00:  Opening remarks by Mr. Herbert Reul, ITRE Chairman

Introduction: European shale gas potential

15h05 Mr Fatih BIROL, Director, International Energy Agency (IEA): Industry perspective: Commercial viability and financial implications

15h15: Mr Marek KARABULA, Vice-President for Oil &Mining, PGNiG (Polish Oil & Gas company)

15h30: Mr Martin SCHUEPBACH, CEO of Schuepbach Energy, France/USA: Towards future technological developments/potential of shale gas

15h45: Mr Robert HOWARTH, Cornell University (State of New York, United States)

16h00: Mr Severin PISTRE, Professor for hydrogeology, University of Montpellier 2, France

16h15: Prof. Dr. Kurt M. Reinicke , Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Clausthal University of Technology

16h30: EU Commission: State of play of actions taken

16h45 Question and Answers

17h25: Closing remarks by the Chair

17h30: End of hearing