Jerzy Buzek appointed new President of the European Energy Forum

The EEF Active Members (MEPs) elected the Board of Directors and President during the General Assembly held today in Strasbourg. The list below was presented to vote and approved by the Active Members attending the meeting:

Buzek Jerzy, EPP – Poland  President 
Caspary Daniel, EPP- Germany
del Castillo Vera Pilar, EPP -  Spain
Ford Vicky, ECR - United Kingdom
Gill Neena, S&D -United Kingdom
Helmer Roger, EFD - United Kingdom
Ransdorf Miloslav,GUE-NGL -Czech Republic
Reul Herbert, EPP - Germany
Rübig Paul, EPP - Austria 
Urutchev Vladimir, EPP - Bulgaria 
van Nistelrooij Lambert, EPP – Netherlands

In his acceptance speech, Jerzy Buzek said that as President he would guarantee openness in discussion, transparency and hardwork. He added that there is no energy resource without weaknesses and that deep discussions are needed. Jerzy Buzek, who has been Vice-President of the EEF for the last 10 years, thanked MEP Giles Chichester, former EEF President who has retired after 20 years of parliamentary service. He wished Mr Chichester all the best in his new life without the EP and added the EEF will welcome him anytime, with his advice and tremendous sense of humour.

Associate Members of the EEF (companies, associations, research organisations and regulators) attended the meeting as well. This meeting was also the occasion to meet newly elected MEPs and inform them on the role of the European Energy Forum, an informal structure offered to MEPs who wish to be better informed on energy issues through a free and direct contact with key players in the energy field.