LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) as Ship Fuel

Event date: Wednesday 30 November 2011 12:30 to 15:00
Location: BRUSSELS EP PHS 5B001 - 132 seats

A Viable Solution to Reduce Shipping Emissions? 

With new emission control regulations taking effect, gas as a ship fuel is now emerging as an environmentally and economically attractive option. The use of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) could reduce carbon emissions by 25% with even bigger reductions of 90% in NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulphur) emissions are virtually eliminated.

However, introducing LNG as fuel for shipping also requires the availability of LNG in ports, an appropriate infrastructure has yet to be established. Also appropriate engines, bunkering and gas supply systems onboard as well as safety concepts need to be developed.

In this seminar the European Commission, the shipbuilding industry as well as ship owners and ports are invited to present their experiences and visions on LNG as an alternative fuel for maritime transport.

Contact: annemarie.turpeinen@europarl.europa.eu