Power Sector Vision by EURELECTRIC

On 6 December, the European electricity sector announced a new long term Vision for the industry, committing the electricity sector to accelerate the clean energy transition and take a leading role in Europe’s decarbonisation efforts towards the Paris Agreement. Power sector leaders have committed to take action to support the economy-wide shift to an efficient climate-friendly society and achieve a competitive, reliable carbon-neutral electricity mix in the EU well before mid-century. 

Following the adoption of this Vision declaration, EURELECTRIC is organising the Power Sector Vision event in Brussels on 8 February 2018, where the association will launch a re-invigorated brand image aimed at establishing the electricity sector as an ambitious and forward-looking player on the road towards Europe’s clean energy future. During the event, EURELECTRIC will present its Vision to leading industry representatives, key European stakeholders and policymakers, and engage in a debate on the role of electricity in accelerating Europe’s clean energy transition. 

More information is available on the event website.

EURELECTRIC represents the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level. The association work covers all major issues affecting our sector, from electricity generation and markets to distribution networks and customer issues.