How to avoid blackouts in Europe? The role of capacity mechanisms in the short and medium term

Dinner debate in Strasbourg
Main speaker: 
  • Jarosław Broda, Member of PKEE Board

Interventions from DG Energy and DG Competition

The Energy Union aims at ensuring secure, affordable and clean energy for all Europeans. Despite the important progress made towards implementing the Internal Energy Market (IEM) and the Energy Union’s objectives, security of electricity supply is a growing concern in an increasing number of EU Member States.

Many Member States have, or plan to put in place, different types of capacity mechanisms as a solution to prevent electricity shortages or even blackouts in the internal energy market in the short and mid-terms. At the same time these should help to provide a solid back-up for the deployment of RES.

Jarosław Broda will present PKEE’s perspective on capacity mechanisms, one of the key topics discussed in the framework of the Internal Energy Market Design. This discussion will continue and complement our discussions during the EEF dinner-debate held in March.

We look forward to welcoming you for what will be an interesting discussion following the presentation.