Our MEPs play an important part of our work in choosing what topics to address and in chairing all our activities. An equally important role is delivered by our Associate Members, who provide the high-quality expertise for all our activities and contribute, through a transparent and equal subscription scheme, to meet the costs of running the Forum. Both Active and Associate Members are essential in the life of our Forum, all have the possibility to suggest or support discussions that allows us to build a programme for the year.

The association is headed by a President elected for five years during the General Assembly which follows the European Parliamentary elections. In addition to chairing the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day administration and management of the organisation.

The Bureau is composed of the President, Treasurer and Vice-presidents. The Bureau meets several times a year to discuss the EEF activity.

The Association is administered on a voluntary basis by a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is elected every five years by the Active Members during the General Assembly which follows the European Parliamentary elections. It is composed of Active Members from different political groups and of various nationalities.

We hold a General Assembly meeting once a year. All Active Members gather to review past and future activities, approve budget and financial accounts, and discuss any other topic of interest.

The Industrial and Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) is the official consultative meeting meant for an exchange of views between the Board of Directors, the Associate Members and the Secretariat. It assists the Board of Directors in preparing its budget and determining the main lines of the work undertaken by the Association.

The statutes of the EEF are available here in original version.