Active members

  • Gain holistic information

Get timely and quality information on all energy aspects, technologies, and possible solutions by openly exchanging with all energy stakeholders at the same time, in the same place

  • Exchange views with other policy experts

Senior officials and representatives from the European Commission, the Council, Permanent Representations as well as other EU, national and regional institutions strongly support our forum and attend our activities, openly debating all energy as well as policy solutions

  • Participate actively in the life of the organisation

Suggest topics for discussion, contribute to shape the programme of the year, and take part in internal meetings

  • Enhance your team’s energy knowledge

Offer to your advisers and assistants the chance to participate in and ask for dedicated educational sessions on all aspects of energy

Active Membership is open to all MEPs. For all details, please contact us.

Associate members

  • Exchange views with policy experts

Discuss openly with MEPs as well as other influential institution representatives, and keep up with the latest developments in EU energy policy

  • Offer your expertise

Help us offer factual, timely information and high-quality expertise to our political leadership by providing valuable content for our activities

  • Get informed, express your view

Take part in all our activities, learn on energy sectors other than yours and give your personal contribution by sharing your knowledge and ideas

  • Be involved in the life of the organisation

Propose topics for discussion, help build the programme of activities, and attend internal meetings

Associate Membership is open to all energy companies, associations, organisations, research groups, regulators as well as NGOs who endorse our values.
For all details, please contact us.