When the members of the European Parliament have to vote on EU legislation, a process of open discussion with all stakeholders is needed to ensure the decisions are based on accurate information reflecting a variety of points of view.

The EEF events provide a place where these discussions can take place. For over 20 years, EU actors in the energy sector meet, get informed and debate energy, climate and other energy-related issues in a setting where all points of view and ideas are welcome.



Meet: EEF events provide a place where MEPs meet with industry stakeholders, the European Commission, the permanent representations and other actors that are active in the energy sector.

Get informed: participants have the opportunity to get information on a specific energy matter. Each event tackles a different theme related to energy taking into account the European Parliament’s agenda.

Debate: each participant has the chance to express his opinion, ask questions and debate with the speaker and the rest of attendees. A proactive dialogue takes place between all stakeholders present at the event.



The EEF has 25 years’ experience in the organisation of dinner-debates, discussions and information visits on energy issues. The events are chaired by the President of the EEF who is an MEP.

The EEF focuses on subjects at top of the EU energy agenda to build a programme of debates and discussions through the year offering an open dialogue on different topics. Taking only the last months, the subjects dealt with were very diverse so as to maintain the neutrality of the EEF: completion of the internal energy market, role of oil and gas in energy security, renewables and gas in the heating sector, market flexibility, integration of renewables into the distribution grids, biofuels in the transport sector, thermal power generation, challenges and perspectives of nuclear energy, waste-to-energy in the circular economy.

Dinner-debates and discussions take place in the European Parliament premises in Brussels or Strasbourg. They are held around two times per month and are hosted by one or several EEF Associate Members (industry representatives) while other stakeholders are invited. The EEF strives to keep a good energy mix and events deal each time with a different aspect or sector of energy.

The EEF also organises visits to energy sites from various EU Members States or from outside the EU. These visits aim at acquainting members with energy technologies used today.

Other events organised by the EEF are the briefing sessions for MEP assistants. These sessions are intended to provide background knowledge on a specific energy-related topic. As in other EEF events, the presentations by experts are followed by a Q&A session that gives participants the opportunity to ask questions and provide their point of view on the issue.



Legal status: The EEF is a non-profit organisation.

Audience: MEPs, industry representatives, energy associations, researchers and regulators, the European Commission, permanent representations to the EU, the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Neutrality: The EEF does not take positions on specific issues and does not issue public statements.

Financing: The EEF is financed through membership contributions. Both Active and Associate Members pay their annual membership fee or subscription.