From Waste to Local Energy

  • Dinner debate in Brussels


  • Dr. Ella Stengler, CEWEP Managing Director
  • Luc Valaize, President of the SVDU (the French Waste-to-Energy Association)

 2014 will be the “Year of Waste” due to the forthcoming revision of several Waste Directives and CEWEP would like to take the opportunity to highlight the role Waste-to-Energy plays in:

  • Generating Sustainable, Low Carbon, Reliable, Cost-Effective, Local Energy
  • Replacing fossil fuels
  • Ensuring Security of Energy Supply and
  • Contributing to the EU’s 20-20-20 targets
  • At the same time helping Member States to move waste up the waste hierarchy, out of landfills.

Dr. Ella Stengler and Mr Luc Valaize will answer to your questions and illustrate the debate with a case study showing the central role Waste-to-Energy plays in heating the heart of Paris.

It will be a pleasure to welcome our members at this event.