2040 Climate Target: a discussion with the industry

Dinner debate in Brussels

Chaired by Jerzy Buzek MEP, EEF President

Malgosia Rybak, Climate Change & Energy Director, Cepi
Board Member from PGE (name tbc)
Speaker from the European Commission (tbc)

Following the EC Communication on the 2040 Climate Target and the Industrial Carbon Management Strategy, the EEF is pleased to bring together its Associate Members Cepi and PGE who will present the perspectives of an energy-intensive industry as well as a power and heat producer.

As the new climate target represents a key step towards EU’s climate neutrality goal for 2050, the discussion will be an opportunity to examine the current and expected industry’s achievements before 2030, the further potential and needs for 2040, as well as the obstacles that lie ahead and the necessary tools to overcome them by 2050.

Speakers will consider the significance of the 2040 climate target itself while also taking into account the necessity for a well-defined path for the European economic sectors towards climate neutrality.

They will address a number of relevant questions including the future role of the EU ETS, carbon removals and CCS/CCU, how to decarbonise the heating sector and reduce ‘hard-to-abate emissions’ from the industry and how to share the cost of the transition.

We look forward to this stimulating discussion!