All you always wanted to know on gas

MEP Assistant briefing in Brussels

The mission of the EEF is to inform on energy-related issues. We believe it is important to give Advisers and Assistants an opportunity to gain a better understanding on issues relating to energy in a context enabling them to directly interact with the speakers.
Gas is expected to have an important role to play in the future legislation. The briefing session will cover its entire value chain, from production to transmission and consumption, as well as the new types of gases now entering the market.

  • What are natural gas, methane, biomethane, hydrogen (green and blue), LPG (propane, butane) and bioLPG, CO2, synthetic gas..?
  • What are the different paths for gas production?
  • A look in the transmission of gas as it is today and a look into the future with new types of renewable gases entering the market.
  • Closer to the consumer, the use of gas in power generation, heating and transport as well as outside the grid and in combination with renewables.
  • Key developments of renewable gases.