Climate Demons or Climate Gods: the coal industry stakes its future

Dinner debate in Strasbourg
  • Dr. Patrick MOORE, Canadian scientist and former President of Greenpeace Canada

Intervention from the European Commission

With COP21 concluded, the EU must make an important decision:  to continue its high-ambition climate change agenda or to moderate its ambition. This decision will have a profound impact on the future of coal in Europe: under the climate and energy package agreed in October 2014, CO2 emissions from the ETS sector must drop to zero by 2058.

Dr. Patrick Moore, with years of hands-on experience in campaigning for policy reorientation on key environmental and social issues as co-founder and former international director of Greenpeace, presented his perspective on environmental issues, offering new insights into the energy and climate debate. 

During this dinner-debate, the presentation of Dr. Moore questioned the selective use of science which, in Dr. Moore’s view, has led in some cases to widely accepted myths.