Gas and renewables: Friends or Foes?

Dinner debate in Strasbourg

Beate Raabe, 
Secretary General of Eurogas 
Johannes Meier, CEO of the European Climate Foundation

Renewable energy sources and gas seem to be the perfect match, two strong pillars that the EU could build up on the way to a low-carbon energy system. The Eurogas Roadmap 2050, published in October 2011, showed that renewables and gas, later with CCS, could cover two thirds of the EU’s primary energy needs by 2050, with renewables in the lead. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions would be down by 80%, compared with 1990 levels. But the path to friendship is not always a smooth one. Firstly, some people would like to have more renewables and less gas by 2050. Secondly, they are also concerned that cheap gas from new global supplies could swamp the EU market in the future, threatening the competitiveness of renewables. Others, in turn, are calling for a level playing field for gas and for a framework in which gas-fired power plants can work competitively based on their merits…

Beate Raabe will discuss the subject of this EEF dinner debate controversially with Dr Johannes Meier.

Join us for a lively debate!