The Western Balkans meeting EU energy and climate goals

Dinner debate in Strasbourg
  • Slavcho Neykov, Chairman of the Board of Managers Energy Management Institute, Bulgaria  
  • Nikola Radovanović, Chief Legal Officer for EU Legislation of NIS jsc 

Intervention by:

  • Roderic van Voorst, Unit “International relations and Enlargement” at DG Energy, European Commission

The Energy Union Strategy recognizes the need for closer integration between the EU and the partner countries in its immediate neighborhood. The recently published Winter Package reaffirms this approach by explicitly envisaging the inclusion of Energy Community Contracting Parties.

How can this strategic orientation of the EU be best achieved together with the neighborhood and pre-accession countries? Slavcho Neykov, Chairman of the Management Board of the Energy Management Institute, assessed the challenges facing Energy Community Contracting Parties in meeting their commitments regarding EU’s energy and climate change goals.

Beyond the policy aspects of strategic cooperation, Nikola Radovanović, Chief Legal Officer of NIS jsc, looked at energy investment potential in the Western Balkans and analyzed how companies in the EU’s neighborhood are contributing and can further contribute to achieving energy and climate goals of the EU from a business perspective.