EU Green Deal: gas infrastructure as an energy carrier on the road to 2050

  • Dinner debate in Brussels

Chaired by Jerzy Buzek - MEP & President of the EEF



Jean-Marc Leroy - President of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)

Thierry Trouvé - CEO of GRTgaz

Camilla Palladino - Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Investor Relations of SNAM

Jane Amilhat - Acting Head of Unit “Networks & Regional Initiatives", DG ENERGY, European Commission 

The EU Green Deal seems set to become the umbrella framework for future EU climate and energy policies aimed to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.  

For over a decade, the EU has focused on the completion of the internal gas market, among other, through measures supporting the development of gas infrastructure, interconnectivity between Member States as well as the development of a level playing field across Europe. This has contributed to the diversification of routes and sources, security of supply, flexibility and competition across the Union. European gas infrastructure operators are committed to a more sustainable future by putting gas infrastructure to good use in service of the energy transition.

The emergence of new value chains is already a reality: the growth of biomethane, locally produced renewable gas, the development of gas as a fuel for land and sea transport as well as the developing ability to store excess wind and solar electricity at large scales in the form of hydrogen or methane (power to gas) are all innovations of the gas sector that can be facilitated by gas infrastructure.

This dinner-debate will explore the evolving role of gas infrastructure from transporter to energy carrier by showing how it could be part of the solution to deliver a just, affordable and socially acceptable energy transition. To put theory into practice, concrete examples and case studies of evolutions on the ground in Italy and France will also be provided.

We look forward to a stimulating and fruitful energy discussion!