Exploring low-carbon liquid fuels in transport: from production to applications

MEP Assistant briefing in Brussels

MEP Jerzy Buzek (EPP, Poland), President of the EEF
Speakers from the energy industry and the European Commission (invited)

  • What are low-carbon liquid fuels (LCLFs)?
  • To what transport modes can they be applied?
  • What LCLF technologies are being developed?
  • What are the benefits of LCLFs?
  • What feedstock is and will be used?
  • Does the EU have enough of this feedstock?
  • What’s the maximum share of LCLFs achievable in the EU transport modes by 2050?
  • Are LCLFs cost-competitive?


These are some of the key questions we’ll be addressing with the help of energy experts from the EEF Associate Members. Starting from the basics, the speakers will bring us on an educative journey to explore all aspects of low-carbon liquid fuels.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The EEF events are for EEF Members, MEPs, representatives of the European Commission and of the Permanent Representations and Missions to the EU. For more information, please contact us.