Low carbon secure supply in a climate-neutral Europe: how can nuclear contribute?

  • Online debate in Brussels

At the invitation of Jerzy Buzek MEP, EEF President 
Hugues Hinterlang, Head of EU Public Affairs, Orano
Peter Claes, Vice-President, IFIEC Europe
Yves Desbazeille, Director General, FORATOM
Massimo Garribba, Deputy Director-General responsible for the coordination of EURATOM policies, DG ENER, European Commission
Franc Bogovič MEP, EEF Director
Tsvetelina Penkova MEP, EEF Active Member 
Ondřej Knotek MEP, EEF Active Member
Radan Kanev MEP, EEF Active Member 
Jutta Paulus MEP
Christophe Grudler MEP

Pascale Verheust, EEF Director General

In this event, our speakers will discuss how to best ensure security of supply in a climate-neutral Europe.
FORATOM and Orano will focus on how and to what extent nuclear power could contribute to providing low carbon energy, while IFIEC Europe will complement the presentations by elaborating on the need of industrial energy consumers to have access to secure and affordable energy.
The European Commission will also join in to provide its input.

We count on all our guests in the audience for a fruitful energy discussion!


The EEF events are for EEF Members, MEPs, representatives of the European Commission and of the Permanent Representations and Missions to the EU. For more information, please contact us.