Oil and Gas: Geopolitics of Europe and beyond

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg
  • Emmanuel Haton, Director of European Government Affairs at BP

Intervention by:

  •  Paula Pinho, Head of Unit for Energy Policy coordination at DG ENER, European Commission


Non-OECD Countries’ economic growth requires more and more energy, while OECD countries’ will see rising GDP but decreasing energy demand due to increased efficiency. Will this increasingly volatile environment be capable of supplying the energy we need?

Shifting global relations have the potential to change the dynamics of the world energy markets. Understanding these geopolitical complexities would help the EU meeting energy demands safely, affordably and sustainably.

This event will explore the role of Russia, the North Sea, the Caspian, and Africa today and tomorrow as a safe supply of energy to Europe, and take a closer look at the driving forces behind shifting energy trends between the US, Middle East and Asia.

We are looking forward to welcoming our members to join the discussion.