Commissioner Oettinger and ITER

During the dinner-debate of 20 March dedicated to Commissioner Oettinger, he was asked to elaborate on the issue of thermonuclear energy.

The Commissioner also clarified his plan in relation to the development of nuclear fusion and more precisely the famous ITER project being built in Cadarache, South of France. He indicated that his responsibility is to make ITER a success. ITER is an international project to demonstrate the technical feasibility of fusion energy. It is conducted under an International Agreement between the EU, China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States. The EU share of the ITER construction is 45% (6.6 bn euro) and consequently for the EU as host of the ITER construction is a huge project. Members of the European Parliament visited the ITER site in Cadarache in May 2011. At present time, there is good progress in the work at the site. Two buildings are nearly finished: one of them is a large technical building for on-site manufacturing of large components, and the other one is the headquarters building. The excavation for the main building hosting the facility has also been completed as well as its lower basement and antisismic protection.

Jean-Claude Charrault

Director General