As the different forms of renewable energy approach technological and economic maturity, they are seeking their own, distinct identity and shaking off the catch-all moniker of “renewables”. This is true of EPIA which, by becoming a member of our Forum, will be promoting information about its field, photovoltaic energy, joining the likes of gas industry association Eurogas and the nuclear energy forum FORATOM, to name just two.

EPIA’s membership will clearly distinguish photovoltaics from other forms of energy such as geothermal power, wind power and topic of the moment, hydropower (marine turbine) . What these many and varied forms of energy have in common is that they are, of course, renewable – but the competition between them is becoming increasingly fierce, compelling each to offer its own “unique selling point”.

The event on 25 October, sponsored by EPIA and entitled “Solar Photovoltaics Competing in the Energy Sector“, will be a great opportunity for all our active members (MEPs) and associates to inform themselves, as they will be able to talk at leisure to promoters of photovoltaics.

The event follows on from the DD on 5 October, which will be introducing the Desertec Industrial Initiative and Medgrid projects. The dinner debate is entitled “Renewable Energy Partnership for shared prosperity.

Power from the desert – Key contribution towards transforming energy supply in EU and Middle East and North Africa (MENA).”

The invitation letters to the dinner debate will be sent separately, as usual, to their agreed recipients.

Jean-Claude Charrault
Director General