Public Power Corporation S.A. – Hellas


Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC) is the leading power utility in Greece engaged in the generation, distribution and sale of electricity, currently running one of the fastest lignite phase-out program in Europe. With approximately 6 million customers nationwide, PPC leads the country’s transition towards a greener, more socially responsible and more efficient energy future. The company possesses a total installed capacity of 10.5 GW, utilizing a combination of thermal, hydroelectric, and renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power. PPC’s priorities are to eliminate CO2 emissions by accelerating lignite units withdrawal and promoting investments in RES, where PPC is present through its wholly-owned subsidiary PPC Renewables S.A. It also owns the Distribution Network with a Regulated Asset Base of approximately € 3 billion, which is operated by its subsidiary, HEDNO S.A..



  • Ms Christina Papapostolou
  • European Affairs Director