Sector integration: gas driving the energy transition

  • Dinner debate in Strasbourg

Chaired by Jerzy Buzek - MEP & President of the EEF



James Watson - Secretary General of Eurogas 

René Schoof - Head of Hydrogen of Uniper 

Klaus Langemann - Senior Vice President in charge for Technology & Innovation of Wintershall Dea 

Łukasz Lisicki - Wholesale markets electricity and gas - DG Energy, European Commission

As the EU energy transition is taking shape, the need for new solutions is driving awareness that deeper connection between all the energy sectors - gas, electricity and heat - is critical. Getting these relationships right is the key to unlocking the opportunity of the energy transformation in Europe.
This dinner-debate will provide you with insight on which gaseous fuels are developing and the technologies underpinning these.

Our speakers will provide some light on the following issues among others:
- How do we produce and use hydrogen?
- What is the future for methane?
- What does an electric car, a steel factory and a livestock farm have in common?

We look forward to the participation of our members in the exchange of views under Chatham House rule during the questions and answer session.